Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome to the Swine Flu Update Blog.....( begun 4.30.09, updated everyday or every couple of days)

(Originally opened Blog 4.30.09)
I am reposting all the blog posts from Watergate Summer over to this blog to attempt to better track the Swine Flu. I am still not sure of the total picture of this outbreak, but as a nurse I feel compelled to follow it and pay attention. My main concern is that 50 Million people in the States do not have Health Insurance or Healthcare. I also have many questions how it was originally handled and studied in Mexico, and yes I have questions about the Hygiene Practices at the Hog Farm in Vera Cruz.

All information here is presented as a Nurse, and the main purpose for educating and helping people get their questions answered. I do post articles from a global health oriented perspective. I do believe Education is critical for better health.
Blog will be updated with New Update Posts Daily...


Lydia Cornell said...

Thank you Allie! This is really good stuff. I just left you a message at Watergate Summer.
Much love,

I have a post up today on my sister, and her views on love and marriage. She is gay. It is quite touching.

enigma4ever said...

I will be over to check that to hear her story...thanks...