Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mexico Shuts down Government and Private below, more later..

LA Times:::
Mexico's government is temporarily suspending all nonessential activity of the federal government and private business as the number of confirmed swine flu cases jumped.

Health Secretary Jose Cordova says nonessential federal government offices will be closed from May 1-5. He said all nonessential private businesses must also close for that period but essential services like transport, supermarkets, trash collection, hospital will remain open.Cordova told a news conference late Wednesday that confirmed swine flu cases have risen to 99, including eight dead.
To be honest I am confused What are the True Numbers there ? and What is really going on ? And I wonder What is Non Essential Government ? The Health Dept ?
Bloomberg asks Why is the Flu More Deadly in Mexico ( I repeat What are the true numbers in Mexico)

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