Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Nurse has a Favor to Ask Each of You....Please read this post and help me if you can as I try to cover the Swine Flu in each of our States ?

I have been in contact with people from 3 states that have had Flu Symptoms and have different Flu Experiences and how they are being treated and tested, it concerns me that their experiences have been different. Once the Feds Declared this an Emergency, there should be funds released to the States so that Surveillance ( ie Testing ) should be paid for by the State Health Departments.AS A FLU SUSPECT YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR TESTING OR EMERGENCY ANTI VIRALS, AND SHOULD BE TOLD HOW TO SELF QUARANTINE AND OFFERED MASKS AS THIS IS DROPLET SPREAD AS A RESPIRATORY INFECTION, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS GI SYMPTOMS.PEOPLE SHOULD BE BEING OFFERED TAMIFLU OR RELENTZA AS THE H1N1

Please check your local State Health Departments and see WHAT people are told to do and What they are told about Testing. Also CDC should be in charge of telling the States HOW people are to be tested and WHERE the tests are to be sent. I am going to investigate this for the next few days as this is important.

This Link explains that there is ONLY one test for this Rare Strain, and test kits are to be sent to the CDC for now.
This Reuters article explains more how complicated it is to test.

As a Nurse I am trying to get as much Information on this Pandemic, not to scare, but to Educate all of us....so I will keep posting much on this issue. ( and don't worry I will return to political issues of importance like Torture in a few days.)

Please Post below or email about WHAT is being told to you in your state, or by your Health Dept and your experiences.....thank you.
11PM CDC Numbers:::
California 10 cases
Kansas 2 cases
New York City 45 cases
Ohio 1 case
Texas 6 cases
TOTAL COUNT 64 cases
( 5 hospitalized).
11 PM Guardian Update 13 Cases in California.

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