Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Update Monday 4.27.09 , 3:30PM - MN Please Check Comments for Updates::::

Please do read the Post below as it has Updates and Full information, Nursing Advice and Websites ( as well as Many Foreign Websites, Blogs and Papers.)
4 PM Monday 4.27.09 UPDATES:::::
(1) World total is up to 75 Cases of Swine Flu, the total in NYC is now 28 ( was 8 last night), America total is now 40.Travel to Mexico Now being discouraged and Border Passive Surveillance in Place. Mexico has had 141 deaths ( up forty from last night), still unclear of True Numbers, 1600 seeking medical care for flu, and 400 still in hospital. ( The real question is in Mexico City of 20 million and many poor- how many have not sought medical care ? It is worth studying. And that issue also may present a problem in the States, unless Health Depts and Hospitals are willing to offer FREE Healthcare for possible Flu Victims.) Tamiflu can be used to treat this Flu, but it is unclear if it going to offered to prevent spread, or saved for Treatment. Please do read the post below for Self Preparedness.

BBC has more about the Situation.EU is advising against Travel to America and Mexico due to the Flu. Mexico Deaths are set to 150, and WHO has raised the Status to Pandemic Level Four , meaning that there is Sustained Human Spread.
Jason Linkins is reporting for Huffpo that GOP STRIPPED PANDEMIC MONEY REMOVED FROM THE STIMULUS. ( They have endangered millions with their selfish ignorant shortsightedness, this same ignorance has left Millions without Healthcare.)
This BBC site has reports from People and Medical people that are there.
And from CNN there is a whole page from Dr. Gupta who is there reporting for CNN and CBS.
The Guardian has More about the Possible Source of the Flu and where it started, in February
BBC WHO map::::

Mexico: 149 dead - 1600 Cases, and over500 in hospital
United States: 40 confirmed cases of swine flu ( 28 in NYC)
Canada: 6 confirmed cases
UK: 2 confirmed cases
Spain: 1 confirmed case
UK, Spain, Israel, Brazil, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand: suspected cases being tested.
Tonight Scotland has been added.
BBC has more on Travel Warnings.....
A new Website has good updates it is called the Pandemic Chronicle
GREAT POST about the History of Swine Flu and the Pandemic of 1918 ...and the Flu of it, its a great history wrap up.
Guardian has a a whole page on Swine Flu with Updates and more information.
10:30 PM Final Thoughts of the Night::::
Please Note that these top two posts are an attempt to locate solid information that will help us be informed and educated about this illness.....If we have to think on this, the GOP has held up Health Care and Health Insurance for OVER 50 Million People, People that now have been put at Risk, a huge Public Health Risk looms now, and Millions may have no way to be monitored or cared for ? Has anyone else worried on this yet ? and the ProLife GOP did not just hold up the Health Care for millions- they also tampered with Our Public Health System and Emergency Preparedness.
4.27.09 Texas Updates::::

11:30 PM DO Watch ABC Nightline They are Covering the Outbreak: The Facts.

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