Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What To Do If You think You Have Symptoms of Swine Flu ?Let's talk about this.....and make sure Everyone is taken Care of...

First Symptoms::::
Fevers, Chills, Sore throat, and Dizziness, Cough and Headaches,some shortness of breath, and some people have had GI Symptoms Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea.If you have any of these symptoms follow the list below, but also avoid crowds and gatherings, especially ones with children, babies and pregnant women, elderly and Immune Compromised.Dr.Weil has more on this as well.

(1) Call Your Doctor's Office and ask What They are recommending and encouraging ?Are they sending people to ER or Health Dept ? Are they seeing Flu Patients Separately ? HOW is Testing to be done, are they shipping Tests to CDC in Georgia ? What are they recommending for treatment and Quarantine ? IF you do Not have Health Insurance, call the County Health Dept, and the State Health Dept. and ask Where you are to go. Federal Funds are supposed to cover Care and Testing of Residents in every state. No One should be told that they have to pay for the Tests or shipments of the Tests, or Tamiflu.It was declared an National Emergency 5 days ago.

(2) Call your Local Health Dept, County and ask What they are recommending,and also check their Website, and do See the NEW CDC /DHHS Button on my Side bar is full of very good information.

(3) Also ask HOW they are treating , and do they have tamiflu or Relenza Available for treatment.

(4) Once you think you have had, you can not and should not be Vaccinated.
(5) Once you have Symptoms, do wear Mask around other people and out in public you must wear, it is Droplet Spread as a Respiratory Virus. I the Nurse, DO recommend the Mask. Cover Mouth when you cough ALWAYS. And Wipe ALL surfaces and carry Antiseptic Wipes with you. Carry Antiseptic Gel with you. Wipe ALL Contact Surfaces with Antiseptic Wipes, this includes phones, doorknobs,keyboards and ATM"s etc. Do drink fluids and rest.

(6) Some People on MSM are saying it is "Just a Flu", that is Not exactly true,Regular Flu does not Normally kill people under 50,healthy people and children.We also do NOT know enough about the Mexico Victims- how many were young and Children.
That is WHY this is So Critical to know what to do.

I took off this week to Volunteer at a Free Health Fair here in Ohio, and it has now been Cancelled due to with This Flu. So I am committed to getting ALL of us Help , email me if you need to....I am ready to help, or make Calls, and I have researched this very well. I think as of now I am one of the only RN's Blogging the Swine Flu.....( hundreds of articles down below...and Daily Updates will continue, because Education and Information is our best way to be prepared and take care of each other).
CDC Swine Site linked in to the Title
Good video explaining about Transmission and Incidence rates:::

Dr.Martin Blaser on CNN explaining What to do to Protect to Yourself, especially about Mask Protection::::

Mask Guidelines DHHS Updated on 4.27.09, I do reccomend trying to acquire or have ready, esp if you are in one of the effected States.
Wash Your Hands **** Wash Your Hands **** Wash Your Hands.........

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